Cut your annual chiller energy costs by 15% to 35% with SmartEnergy OPSTM

SmartEnergy OPSTM provides real-time continuous monitoring of a water-cooled chiller plant system using specialized, highly accurate sensors - identifying opportunities for you to save up to 35% in annual energy costs with a one- to two-year return on investment.

How it Works

Using our field-mounted sensors, SmartEnergy OPSTM sends operating data from your chiller to our secure servers every 15 minutes. Our proprietary algorithms analyze this data and identify operating issues along with actionable steps to improve your system’s efficiency. Your energy and cost savings are easily calculated year by year, providing verified savings that can be included in sustainability reports or submitted to utility rebate programs.

SmartEnergy OPSTM:

  • Is based on Best Practices in chiller operations.
  • Includes a quarterly refrigerant and oil sampling program that analyzes samples at our AHRI- certified lab, further ensuring the highest levels of efficiency.
  • Is flexible and cost-effective. It can integrate into your existing Building Automation System or a closed-loop control system, or run stand-alone.
  • Is backed by trained professional engineers. Six weeks after installation, your assigned Hudson engineer provides a customized web-based training to your operations staff, so you can maximize savings and optimize performance. Then every month, the engineer reviews your system data and produces a report with trends and recommendations. This support continues for 24 months after installation.
  • Offers life-time commissioning. Once SmartEnergy OPSTM is installed and commissioned on your system, you'll have access to real-time data for the life of your chiller plant - allowing you to enjoy a lifetime of energy savings and reliable operations!
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